Junior Championship

We have selected 12 races for our juniors to try to take part in. They are mostly as local as possible. We will also include some of the races that are part of the English Junior Championships as well.

For each race we have selected there are a full range of age groups so all the children can have a go. Children will get points for taking part in the races. Individual age groups show the points from 10 points for each winner down to 1 point for the 10th runner although everyone after that will also get at least 1 point. 

Depending on which age group the runners are in affects how many races will count towards their total score, with this score being made up of the best results they have achieved through the year.

The points will be added up over the championship and the winners and runners up will get a trophy at the end of the series. Below is the number of races that juniors have to complete to be eligible to win a trophy …

Under 9s & 11s: 3 races
Under 13s: 4 races
Under 15s: 5 races
Under 17s & 19s: 6 races

Additionally there is the combined junior championships table, with all the juniors in one list. Everyone scores points depending on how far behind your category winner you are: 100 x (your time) / (category winner’s time).

Junior Championship 

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Race Calendar

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