Junior Club Kit

James and Billy modelling our kit.

James and Billy modelling our kit.

We have various items of club kit that is common to both our junior and senior members. It’s great to see our red and white stripes at races and to have a hoodie to pop on to keep us warm afterwards. It also advertises the fact that we are members of the same great club.

We have club hoodies to keep our juniors cosy after training or racing or just to wear chilling out. They come in red and grey and can be personalised with kids names on the back. These are done to order and are available in various sizes. They cost £15.50.  If you are interested in ordering one please get in touch with Thirza Hyde and we’ll price one up for you.

Our club vests are distinctive with red and white stripes. When our juniors or seniors are racing we can be spotted from along way off. Our supporters can start to shout words of encouragement sooner than most other clubs. It also lets others know that we belong to a great, friendly club based in the lovely Calder Valley.

These are available from Thirza Hyde …. A bargain at £12.00