Covid19 Juniors cancelled

We had hoped to resume training on Tuesday nights, however the new regulations and return to gatherings of groups with a maximum of six, has meant that we are currently unable to. We, as coaches and helpers, are as disappointed by this as you obviously are.
We appreciate that the rules can be confusing, so we can offer some further explanation, as follows:
Unfortunately, we cannot be classified under one of the exempt groups of organised team sports. It seems that this exception was designed to accommodate those football, rugby and cricket teams primarily, so that they could continue with their renewed league programmes. It does not include larger running club training groups.
Whilst our seniors are hoping that they can continue to keep everyone safe by having leaders of groups of a maximum of 6, meeting in dedicated areas of the car park, we believe that this would be very difficult to achieve in the same way for the junior group. We don’t know how many runners we can expect each Tuesday night; we have to have one qualified level 2 coach attached to each group running out; we also have parents and parent helpers to factor into the numbers; we have to manage an often busy and challenging car park with a majority of children under 10; and we ahve to consider the needs of other community centre users.
However, the most important thing is that we need to keep everyone safe and, in the context of increasing Covid-19 infection and  the various different shielding and distancing needs of everyone involved, we have decided as a committee, for the time being, that the risk of returning to training is currently too high.
We are going to continue to explore other options for managing risk and we will also review the decision every week going forward.
Stay safe
Andy Clarke, Junior Co-ordinator, on behalf of the CVFR Junior Committee